Be open to the possibilities of the next five minutes. The greatest moments of your life are never foreshadowed.



I AM A TEACHER/SPEAKER...because I want to inspire people to be the best versions of themselves. 

I AM A PHILANTHROPIST...because I am passionate about helping to meet the needs of those going through difficult times. I've devoted my life to serving others, and will continue to until I take my last breath.

I AM A WEDDING OFFICIANT...because I love helping couples make their first words to each other, as husband and wife, as special as they can.

I AM A DJ...because I love any cause for celebration, and I love keeping that celebration going as long as possible.

I love as a sound guy, I do my best to make sure the music comes across as pure as it should.

I tell stories, both audible and written, to entertain. 



Originally from Flint, Michigan, Greg graduated with a bachelor's degree in 2001 from Asbury College and currently isn't using that degree at all. Every skill that he offers has been accumulated through various learning and experiences over the past 20 years. If you know Greg at all, you know that once he acquires a new skill, he devotes all his time and energy into developing and perfecting it. 


  • Founder of non-profit organization, DRAW (Disaster Relief At Work) in 2012
  • Produced, promoted and headlined in his own sold-out comedy show in April  and November of 2015
  • Gold Status Uber Driver
  • Servicing 30+ weddings annually
  • Keynote speaker for 2014 MASC Conference
  • Through DRAW, organized over 1000 volunteers to give away $150k worth of clean water during the 2016 Flint Water Crisis.